You can view the sample experiments here but you need to log on to have access to the entire experimental resources.

Sample Experiments 1 and 2

To view the teacher's notes of sample experiment 1 click HERE.

To view the teacher's notes of sample experiment 2 click HERE.

In the screen pages of the sample experiments and the experiments in the main resource

bank hold the cursor over the underlined text in blue to see the diagrams.


Use the Resource Explorer on the left to navigate.

Take time to notice all the features of the Resource Explorer.
The Filter allows you to display experiments and demonstrations, for one or more levels when ticked, or all levels if left unticked.
Experiments are in normal type, Demonstrations are in italics.

There are buttons on the right hand side of each experiment page enabling the teacher to contact the coordinator by email or to contribute to the forum. These Email and Forum functions are not available in the sample experiment as they require the personal information of the teacher.Clicking the email button allows the teacher to complete an easy form for assistance with an experiment and pressing the submit button sends the email.

You can use the downloads on the top right of the page to obtain a file in the appropriate Office format (e.g. Pupil notes, Technician notes, PowerPoint presentation).